Date of Birth:

April 20, 1943, Pasadena, California

Date of Death:

August 29, 2013, Palo Alto, CA




A teacher most of her life, Dr. Susan V. Cashion was a former Stanford University dance director, where she was a graduate in anthropology and education. A key figure in the development of the Mexican folkloric dance movement in California, she specialized in dances of Mexico, the Caribbean, and Latin America. Dr. Cashion traveled to Mexico and Chile to study under master instructors as a Fulbright Scholar. She received recognition from the Mexican government for her contributions to Mexican culture and folklore in the United States. In 1969, she and her longtime partner Ramón Morones, founded the Los Lupeños de San José Mexican Dance Company which is known throughout California and continues today. She founded Cashion Cultural Legacy in 2007, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving, presenting, and education of the Mexican culture through dance.

Honoree Photo Credit: Cashion Cultural Legacy


Sukey Bryan